What’s On TV: Dead to Me

Our entertainment writer Miyuki Lotz shares a must-view

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Origin: United States
Running Time: 30 minutes/episode

Cast: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Sam McCarthy, Luke Roessler, Max Jenkins, Diana Maria Riva, Brandon Scott, Keong Sim, Natalie Morales.
Creator: Liz Feldman
Production: CBS Television Studios
Distributor: Netflix

Full series currently available on Netflix.

“I’m a Taurus. We know sh*t.” – Jen Harding


If you are in the mood for a dark-comedy show that with have you laughing in the face of dysfunction, then this show is for you.

Dead To Me is about grief, friendship, death, and love. It speaks to the very human level of how people deal with unexpected traumatic situations with a hint of drama, a twist of comedy, and a wallop of wit. There are moments where I will be watching the show and my brain will stop, take a moment to catch up, before asking itself, “did I just hear that?!”, then I burst out laughing.

Personally, I love it when a show catches me off guard. It is an absolute thrill! And, this show is nothing short of that. The writing of the show dances with the satire formula of never quite knowing if you agree or not with the actions of our leading heroines. In my opinion, this makes for great viewing, as it requires you to questions your own moral compass as an audience.

The episodes are short and sweet in time, so it makes it easier to commit to. (Yes, we can all get subjected to the occasional binge watching.) Do not let the sitcom lapse time fool you – this show covers a lot of ground in that time and will definitely leave you wanting to watch, “just one more episode…”

The narrative of Dead To Me follows the lives of Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), after they meet at a support group for those mourning the loss of a loved one. The friendship blossoms into a sister hood as the two begin to reveal more about their pasts. As their individual lives begin to unravel simultaneously, it becomes obvious that the two of them need each other’s presence more so to survive than a friendly shoulder to cry upon.

I have been a fan of Christina Applegate since her Married With Children days, and, I can confidently say that this is some of her best work to date! The show is worth watching for her performance alone!

Dead To Me is entering into its third season, and I am honestly super excited to dive back into the world again. I highly recommend this show to women and men alike. Regardless of it being predominately lead by a female cast, the story delivery is fantastic, and something your male counterpart could sit through with enjoyment rather than distain.

If you want to invest in a show that allows you to turn off from life yet makes you feel forgiven for being human, then this is your show.

Overall Rating: * * * * *

Behind The Scenes Trivia:
• The show is created by Liz Feldman, who also executively produced the
series along with Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Jessica Elbaum.
• Christina Applegate is an executive producer on the show.
• The renewal of the shows third season will be its final season.
• The show received four Primetime Emmy Award nominations.
• Despite the coronaviruss having an impact on future production
schedules, the show will be returning to Netflix in 2021.

Written by Miyuki Lotz

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