Smart tips for wining and dining

Navigate your health and fitness journey with these savvy strategies designed for the busy business professional. Or, anyone who enjoys eating out for that matter! Elevate your dining choices and achieve your goals without compromising your schedule.  

  1. Streamline your dining experience by previewing the menu options in advance. This proactive approach arms you with the knowledge to make informed choices. 
  2. Navigate menus with a discerning eye, focusing on the smartest selections. Opt for options without heavy cheese or with reduced-fat alternatives. Embrace tomato-based sauces instead of creamy ones, and gravitate toward dishes featuring fresh ingredients. Choose options without processed meats or oily cooking methods like deep frying. 
  3. When attending events with alcohol, ensure you eat a nutritious meal beforehand. This savvy move curbs impulse eating when faced with tempting treats. 
  4. Shift your plate dynamics by choosing extra vegetables over conventional starches like chips. Elevate your nutritional intake with this simple swap. 
  5. For those special dining occasions, pre-emptively reduce carb intake in preceding meals. This balanced approach sets the stage for a guilt-free indulgence. 
  6. Tailor your meal to your preferences by requesting dressings and sauces on the side. Take charge of your flavours without compromising your goals. 
  7. Outsmart overindulgence by enjoying a small, high-protein, low-carb snack before your evening meal. This tactical move curbs unnecessary eating, like reaching for bread rolls. 
  8. When dessert beckons, offset your choices by avoiding starch-heavy main courses. Strike a harmony between treating yourself and staying on track. 
  9. Conquer larger meals by taking leftovers home without hesitation. Smart portions contribute to your weight loss journey. 
  10. Kickstart your dining experience with a refreshing glass of water. If you plan on having alcohol, alternate between water and drinks to maintain a balanced pace. 
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