Who says you can’t eat ice cream on a diet?

While most people assume losing weight means cutting back on everything you love, according to wellness and weight loss expert, Kitty Blomfield, that’s not necessarily the case.

In fact, according to Ms Blomfield, adding ice cream to your diet can actually help.

“Starving yourself is not sustainable and your body shuts down,” Ms Blomfield explains.

“The only way forward is to achieve body transformation through improved metabolic functioning.

“I encourage women to eat ice cream every night.  The key is balance, food composition and movement.   Getting this right not only helps you to get the body you want, it also helps to solve a raft of other health and body issues, such as hair loss, painful periods and low sex drive, just to mention a few.”

Ms Blomfield’s passion for health and wellness started in 2015 when she decided to turn her life around and focus on holistic health.

“Just like so many other women, I had spent well over a decade yo-yo-ing blindly between periods of motivation and depths of despair. Between dieting and bingeing, I was never happy with my body. That is until the stars aligned, and I met two very important people in my life,” she said.

“I met my now partner, Craig McDonald, and he taught me the importance of strength training and building lean muscle to achieve a toned and athletic-looking body.  I also met Emma Sgourakis, who introduced me to a totally new way of nutrition. I learned that by supporting my metabolic health, I could achieve my body composition goals. She taught me what nobody else did: that carbs are not the enemy, that I could enjoy all the delicious foods I love and nourish myself and support my hormones.


Improved wellness through metabolic health

 “Using my lived experience and learned expertise, I formulated a program to help women kick start their health and wellness journey and I called it the Eat More, Train Less, and Get Results 7-Day Challenge,” Ms Blomfield said.

“It improves metabolic health and by doing this women experience more energy, better moods, improved sleep, digestion, hormone regulation and long-term, sustainable body composition change.


Your body, your focus, your goals

It’s about more than just weight loss though.

“So much of what women experience every day is considered ‘normal’. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not normal to have poor sleep, painful periods or experience bloating.

“These are, in fact, generally a symptom of a down-regulated metabolism. With our metabolic health assessment, we’ll help you pinpoint the key metabolic issues, so you’ll know what needs focus when you’re working on your health and body goals,” Ms Blomfield continued.


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