A Nutritionist Shares 3 Reasons Why Sleep Teas Actually Work

We all should know by now that sleep plays a big role in our everyday lives and that not clocking enough of it can literally be the culprit to most mental and physical issues; ranging from memory and mood, concentration, immunity, weight management, high blood pressure, sex drive and more. However, new research shows that one in three Australians are not getting enough of it.

Pre-pandemic the boom in stress-busting solutions like meditation and mindfulness were already climbing personal agendas, however, in the last eighteen months, the need for resilience and wellness has skyrocketed. The good news is, that one of the best ways to decrease stress and increase endurance, motivation and all-around health is free, painless, requires little effort, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. It’s 7-9 hours of quality sleep—every night.

Whether lockdown has your mind in overdrive or you’re a regular sufferer of insomnia, recovering from sleep debt can be easy thanks to the soothing elixirs known as Sleep Teas that are designed to drift you off sooner. According to Tara Kaff, accredited nutritionist and product developer at X50 Lifestyle, there are evidence-backed facts that support why you should consider adding them into your sleep strategy.

Ingredients That Actually Help You Sleep
Sleep teas, like the X50 Herbal Tea Sleepy blend, contain a mix of herbal ingredients proven to encourage a good night’s rest. Certain herbs allow us to unwind so that we can fall asleep quicker; while others promote better sleep quality once we’ve dozed off.
Herbs such as chamomile and lavender help us to relax and release the stresses of the day, and to gently drift off for a peaceful night’s sleep, while Valerian Root (which is often referred to as ‘nature’s valium’, supports deep and restorative sleep.

Hot Drinks Encourage Us To Unwind
By nature, hot beverages require you to slow things down. If you sip too soon you’ll burn your tongue. Waiting for your tea to cool down lets your mind relax, and by the time it gets to the right temperature you can get back to the task at hand with renewed focus. When the tea enters your body, it expands your blood vessels and improves circulation, which is linked to muscle relaxation and calming the nervous system. And unlike some other teas, sleep tea is caffeine-free.

It Forms A Nightly Routine
A bedtime routine is critical for establishing good sleep hygiene, so adding a sleep tea can become a soothing and comforting ritual. Given humans are creatures of habit, a cup of tea every evening can naturally signal to both body and mind that it’s now the time to relax and unwind, preparing us physically and mentally for a good night’s sleep. A wind-down routine literally trains your brain to understand when it’s time to go to sleep.

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