5 reasons why your next home should be in Biggera Waters

Are you on the hunt for a place to call home in a suburb that’s got it all? Well, look no further because we’ve done the research for you. Biggera Waters is one of the Gold Coast’s most sought-after suburbs and after reading these five reasons on how that came to be, we may have just helped you find the suburb of your dreams. 

Connected to nature

It’s amazing a place surrounded by nature and so close to the action has somehow remained largely overlooked by developers. Don’t get us wrong, the big city is just next door. But it doesn’t feel like it when you’re staring out over the Broadwater and watching locals pulling in fish. Biggera Waters is not only surrounded by water, it fronts onto the Broadwater and boasts the easiest access to the spit for those who want to venture out a little further.  Whether actively fishing or crabbing, or just cruising around on the water, Biggera Waters offers a connection with nature that is almost impossible to find in a metropolitan environment.

Future value

There’s no crystal ball to predict future property values and the social status of suburbs – but there is research that provides the next best thing. Biggera Waters was recently listed in the top 20 regional growth suburbs across all of Queensland and the current value is reflected in a combination of relatively low property prices and high rental returns. In fact, the REA recently named seven suburbs, including Biggera Waters, where investors enjoyed the highest positive cash flows and CoreLogic data shows the median house price has increased by 18.3% in the 12 months to May. Catching property hot spots waves like Biggera Waters early in the piece maximises capital growth.

Sheer liveability

If life was a clock, your little hand would be pointing to “Time For You”. You’ve put in the hard yards – done a lot of hard work, made some sacrifices, and maybe raised a few kids along the way. Now it’s time to indulge in a few of the things you’ve been putting off for so long. Biggera Waters is an opportunity for all those times you thought, “One day, I’ll …” to come true. You can wake up in the morning – whenever you feel like it – and your hardest task of the day is deciding what to do with yourself. Are you taking the boat for a run upriver, just to feel the breeze and the sun in your face, taking in the sights of Australia’s premier playground? Or are you mounting an expedition, out beyond the canals, to catch tonight’s tonight’s dinner? Or take the easy option and throw a line in off the beach just outside your front doorstep. Maybe it’s a great day to spend some time on land, with a game of golf, catching up with friends over a coffee, or taking the kids/grandkids out for a bit of entertainment?

Access what matters

Sure, beach activities, fishing, and cruising the waterways are all at your doorstep, but you could have them at some remote location in North Queensland.  What Biggera Waters offers that nowhere else can is all those attractions combined with access to everything else you want and need. Having Runaway Bay Yacht Club and Shopping precinct, as well as Paradise Point close by is the convenience you’d expect of a capital city. And the Gold Coast is Australia’s sixth-largest city. And if ever you have the urge for the full capital city experience (or international travel), Brisbane is only a short drive away.

More for your money

Because the market is only starting to rise in Biggera Waters, it’s still possible to get in on the ground floor of the value wave. Acquiring an amazing block of land in a suburb like Palm Beach would cost four or five times the current cost of something similar in Biggera Waters. What is worth $10m at Palm Beach today was only worth $6m just a year ago. Getting in on the ground floor of a property hot spot means you get more value for your money. And with one-per-floor apartments, you have all the advantages of apartment living as well as all the space and privacy you need.

If this sounds like the lifestyle shift you’ve been yearning for, check out Perspective Broadwater’s brand-new luxury apartments. With just one per floor, there’s nothing that quite compares to this relaxing leisure-time paradise in Biggera Waters. 


For more information head to perspectivebroadwater.com 

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