Black is back

Sheer Elegance Maxi Dress, $120.00,

Hello fashionistas,


Let’s talk about black! I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of black in my wardrobe! It’s always on trend, sliming, and looks good with absolutely everything.

If you have an issue wearing it close to your face, just put it on the bottom half!

Who has an LBD (little black dress) in their wardrobe? Maybe you take it for a night out a couple of times a year. Make this LBD work for you. Here are my tips for this:

  1. Keep it simple: Add embellishments to take this from day to night.
  2. Keep it sleeveless: You can layer items underneath for a winter look or add a wrap or jacket for less bulk.
  3. If it is a straight shift line dress: Pop an over-the-top skirt on and utilise the top.
  4. If you wish to go strapless: (Great for ladies who don’t love their arms) pop a fresh white shirt underneath or a fitted t-shirt.

Look 1:

Look 1: Rella Skater Dress, $33.00,


Look 2:

Gia Dress, $275.00,



Look 3:

Sheer Elegance Maxi Dress, $120.00,


I have three rules when shopping for an LBD.

Neckline: Make sure it suits your body shape. Not too high if you are top heavy; extended shoulders if you are bottom heavy; waist definition for ladies with dangerous curves; and draping or detail if you are straight up and down or have a tummy.

Waistline: Make sure you create a waistline or give the illusion of a waist. If you put a boxy shape on, you will look like box.

Hemline: Length — very important! The perfect length is on the knee, or slightly above, this creates a pretty picture from the waist up. If you are shorter, this keeps the body in proportion.

Change your summer look into the new, cooler season, add colour, scarves, boots, jackets, wraps, vests and denim jackets.

Mix it up, save money and create your own style.

Black is back! Black is easy! Everything black!

Keep it stylish,

Susie x 

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