Sustainable beauty

Australian made and owned skincare brand, Peggy Sue, has taken Eco-friendly beauty to the next level!

Peggy Sue Soaps’ plant-based super luxurious self-care products allow Australians to purchase product refills online and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of their skincare regimes. Without the need to pop in-store to grab a refill, the natural and organic products encourage Australians to slow-down, indulge and enjoy a simple and effective skincare routine with a conscience. 

With 95% of their range able to be refilled (even the Lip Conditioner!) the Peggy Sue refillable products divert waste from landfill and the online refills even come with a return envelope so the empty refill pouch can be sent back to Peggy Sue to be repurposed. To make the initiative super easy, Peggy Sue even provide free stainless-steel funnels to help us refill our bottles effortlessly! What started as a hobby making palm-oil free, pretty and fun soaps in 2016 for Christmas presents quickly evolved into a bigger mission to pioneer a skincare line and trend that breaks the consume-and-discard cycle.

Peggy Sue – Organic Lip Conditioner

Opposing the characteristics of the FMCG and fast-fashion industries, the products produced by Peggy Sue encourage us all to slow down and prioritise self-care while caring for the world around us. Knowing that we all sometimes struggle with the concept of ‘self-care’ as it can be perceived as narcissistic or can feel like a sugar-coated way of being selfish, Peggy Sue knows first-hand that the whole concept of self-care is about self-love and self-respect, as opposed to having anything to do with vanity. A routine based around self-care is about a beautiful moment of calm where we have the opportunity to stop, breathe and re-centre. Run by women, for women – Peggy Sue believes that forming a regular skincare ritual, using natural skin loving products, is so beneficial not only to our skin, but also for our mental health and overall, well being too.

Peggy Sue – Tea Bath Brew Pockets

The Peggy Sue self-care indulgent range includes compostable bath brew pockets that are like a big tea bag for your bath and unlike bath salts and bath bombs, they won’t leave you sitting on grainy salts or leave a mess in the bathtub. The Peggy Sue Bath Brew Pockets fill your bath with colour, nutrients and beauty with a contained and easy-to-use biodegradable tea bag. The range includes a Tea Bath Brew Pocket that detoxifies skin while relaxing and relieving muscle tension and aiding in chasing away a cold, the Milk Bath Brew Pocket promotes cell renewal while hydrating and deeply moisturising the skin and the Pink Bath Brew Pocket soothes aching muscles and joints while restoring skin elasticity. The Brew Pockets by Peggy Sue retail for $23 RRP and each box comes with 3 x single-use compostable tea bags.

Peggy Sue – Organic Protective Body Bronzer

The Peggy Sue Bath & Body Oil ($44 RRP, 100ml) is a beautiful blend of organic ingredients and is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. Perfect for use directly on your whole body for moisture or added to your bath for a relaxing and hydrating experience. Truly the beauty product that does it all, it can even be used on the ends of your hair or cuticles! The Protective Body Bronzer ($46 RRP, 100ml) is a 3 in 1 product that allows us to enjoy an instant glow, the natural way! With 3 benefits of being an organic moisturising base to keep skin hydrated, protecting skin from UVA and UVB rays with the inclusion of a sunscreen agent and lastly leaving the skin instantly bronzed and glowing.

Peggy Sue – Silk Lip Kit

The Peggy Sue Silk Lip Kit ($30 RRP) includes a natural Lip Exfoliant ($18 RRP individually) that is a sweet sugar sensation that is infused with nourishing Shea butter and vitamin E. The Lip Exfoliant removes dry flaky skin from the lips and leaves them feeling fuller, plumper and silky smooth. The Silk Lip Kit also includes the Peggy Sue Lip Conditioner ($12 RRP individually) that deeply hydrates and restores lips while creating a natural shield to protect them against free radical damage. The Lip Exfoliant and Lip Conditioner both come with refill options as the gorgeous bamboo packaging is too beautiful to discard after the product is finished.


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