How do Lab-Grown diamonds compare to Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia?

In recent years, mined diamond alternatives have been on the rise as we grow more sustainability-focused. There have been three main contenders: lab-grown diamonds, moissanite and cubic zirconia (CZ). All are made in labs, making them a more sustainable and less expensive alternative to mined diamonds, but what is the difference between them? 



 Lab-grown diamonds, like mined diamonds, are real diamonds as they have the same crystal structure and beautiful sparkle as natural diamonds.  The Mohs scale which measures the hardness of the stone-mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds is a 10, making them ideal for daily wear. Cubic zirconias are only 8.5 which means after a few years of wear, it will start to show scratches and imperfections. CZ will also absorb oils from the skin, leading to quicker deterioration and a cloudy stone.  



 Diamonds are notorious for their sparkle and shine, so is it possible to get the same effect with a diamond alternative? The short answer is, yes, lab-grown and mined diamonds have the same sparkle.  Lab diamonds are cut in the same way as an earth diamond which creates more lustre. Diamonds also reflect three kinds of white light, which gives them their shine, while CZ’s only reflect one kind of white light, so it will shine, but not quite as brightly. Lab-grown diamonds test as a diamond as they are made from a diamond, CZ and moissanite will not test as a diamond as they are a simulant without the properties of a diamond. 

 Despite being colourless, moissanite can still throw yellow or grey hues, the larger the stone, the more noticeable this colour is. Compared to colourless diamonds, which don’t do this and give a bright white appearance. CZs can also be made colourless, or any other colour you would like.  



 When it comes to price, lab-grown diamonds offer massive savings when compared to mined diamonds. CZ is the most affordable because they are mass-produced and have a short lifespan, often only lasting two years. Lab diamonds, however, are priced using the same metric as mined diamonds, looking at the cut, carat, shape, colour and clarity. Meaning, the better quality of the stone you choose will have a direct impact on the price.  


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