How to spot a great guy

Whether we’re dating around or all loved-up, the month of love always has us thinking of ‘the one’ and so, Get it’s love expert Linda from Ideal Introductions gives us the tools to spot a real Prince Charming from the fakes

Good men, like great sex and comfortable heels, can be almost impossible to find. Women are plagued with the classic case of quantity over quality, where there’s a plethora of men at their fingertips and none worthy of gripping on to.

We have a hard time spotting the good because we’re always looking for the bad. We’re so quick to classify, quantify and categorize a man under one stigmatized label that we don’t give him a chance to prove himself outside of the group.

For all the women who are seeing, dating or thinking about a man, here are the telltale signs he really is a good guy.

He asks the questions, never just answers them

A good guy wants to get to know all of you, not just inside of you. He doesn’t ask contrived questions, ones that he knows will get you feeling comfortable enough to sleep with him, but those questions that are generated from real conversation.

He probes and ponders, interrogates and asks for more. And, of course, the sign you’ve got a really good guy is when he remembers your answers two dates later.

He opens doors, never closes them

In the metaphorical and literal world of doors, a good guy is always opening them for you. Whether it’s the openings to his life or to the restaurant you went to for dinner, he’s always extending a hand.

He doesn’t close himself off when things are getting too personal or start moving too quickly. He’s open to more than just the sliding doors of first dates and the bedroom doors of one-night stands.

He asks about your family, doesn’t hide his

Men scare as easily as women. They are quick to jump ship and have many idiosyncrasies that come with the dating territory. The first mention of family, relationship or monogamy has the potential to send him back through all those doors he just opened for you. A good guy, however, doesn’t shake so easily.

A good guy wants to be with you, he wants to know your flaws and your family. Most importantly, he doesn’t hide important parts of his life from you.

He knows fine doesn’t mean fine, even if it’s easier to believe

A good guy doesn’t try to get out of a fight with simple tricks and wordplay. He doesn’t ignore your aches and pains but picks up on the small signs and cover-ups and knows that something isn’t right. He knows that fine doesn’t mean fine and will always try and see through your sometimes-horrible displays of ‘being okay.’

He doesn’t make himself your whole world, just makes your whole world better

It’s easy to want to make your life into someone else’s. It’s even easier to take someone out of his or her life and into yours. A good guy respects the life you had before him and doesn’t try and take you from it.

He isn’t intimidated by your career, friends or weird hobbies, but celebrates them. He’s the best thing to come into your world, even if he’ll never be the centre of it.

So, keep this list handy Get it girls, and refer to it anytime you’re questioning the authenticity of your Prince Charming.

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