New Year, New Me, No New Spending

‘New year, new me’ is often a repeated sentiment among Aussies as the New Year approaches. However, this year, cost of living pressures are causing Australians to take their resolutions seriously, rather than ditching them two weeks into January. In fact, new research by Allianz Australia shows that more than half of Australians are turning to eco-friendly practices to alleviate cost-of-living pressures. Meanwhile, four out of five Australians simply want to live more sustainably in 2024.

For many Australians, implementing environmentally-conscious practices in their daily life is easier said than done. Allianz Australia has created practical tips to help Aussies live more sustainably this New Years whilst sticking to their resolutions.

Shop local

Online shopping is a mass contributor to carbon emissions and packaging waste. Plus, who hasn’t had the underwhelming (and inconvenient) experience of receiving the wrong package? Avoid the hassle and waste by shopping locally and supporting your community.

Make your home more sustainable

While this can sound daunting, there are some quick changes you can make in your home to make it more sustainable, which can all be found on Green Specs. For example, installing efficient showerheads and taps, seal doors and exterior gaps, and swap your old existing incandescent and halogen lighting with LED lights.

Recycle gift wrap

We all know someone who has various types of disposable gift wrapping to cater to birthdays and other events throughout the year. Avoid the waste by wrapping presents using reusable tea towels and drawstring bags, baskets, clothing or boxes. Who doesn’t like gift wrap that is both cute and practical?

Dabble in a meatless diet

Meat dishes have a carbon footprint between 10 and 50 times greater than equivalent meat-free dishes. Whilst living ‘meat-free’ can be a scary thought for many Aussies, rest assured that you don’t need to become a complete herbivore. Simply switching one dish per day can make a meaningful impact on your carbon footprint.

Prioritise pre-loved purchases

Consider buying items like clothes and furniture from second-hand thrift stores andmarketplaces, or even borrowing items from friends and family. This is a great way to save a few dollars after a hectic festive season, whilst maintaining your New Years goals.

There’s no place like home

It’s easy to forget the beauty of our surroundings whilst daydreaming of European holidays and Caribbean cruises. Cut down your travel emissions (and save a couple dollars) this New Years by planning a trip designed to enjoy the natural wonders of your local community.

Walk it off

Many undermine the power of a public transport card in saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the Allianz research also showed that half of Aussies are planning to walk or cycle when they can in 2024, which is both eco-friendly and a great way to sneak a workout in.

New Year’s resolutions can often seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Implementing simple sustainable switches into your lifestyle can ensure that you better stick to your New Year’s resolutions and help you save at the same time.

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