What Lockdown Has Taught Us About Fashion

Kathleen Loxton muses about how the world of fashion has changed

The Power of Accessories

Jewellery has always been a powerful tool of self-expression, a symbol of status, and decorative artform that tells a story of time and heritage. However, during this era of COVID-19 and the unknown, many of us have been rediscovering the power of a great accessory. In a professional capacity, our workwear has been confined to the constraints of a webcam, and while we still want to appear professional, it can be difficult to find the motivation during these trying times. However, simply put on a statement pair of earrings and you feel (and look) so much more prepared to take on the day. Furthermore, in a personal capacity, wearing pieces from that trip you took, or an heirloom from your grandmother, brings you that much closer to cherished memories and human connection. Plus, it’s a powerful way to keep your individual style alive while we’re safely social distancing and wearing masks.

Makeup Magic

There will be lots of occasions now, and into the future, where the new world we have entered will impact all aspects of our lives, right down to your morning routine. If your morning routine includes makeup, then you’ll potentially be considering elements you previously wouldn’t have; like focusing on your eyes instead of lips because you’ll be wearing a mask. It’s important to remember, too, that applying makeup can be a source of empowerment and self-care, and it’s imperative to consider and reconcile what has changed and what has stayed the same (be it large or small) in our daily lives. For example, you might be more conscious of your hygiene practices around using products and how you apply them, as well as the effect these actions have on the environment. Also, the less we are going out the more the act of applying makeup becomes for oneself, and so it should be embraced, whether that be a bold lip when you can social distance or winged eyeliner that makes your look take off.

The Changes of the Seasons

With social distancing restrictions in place, and high-end fashion houses now manufacturing hand sanitiser and face masks, fashion shows, new-season lines, and the fashion industry in general, is already looking dramatically different. Fashion shows that were once relegated to the elite of that world were already becoming readily available to the public through social media and streaming services, and now easier access to brands is a necessity if they are to survive. As an industry that has been at the forefront of many of the world’s largest cultural shifts, this is just another instance where fashion will have to drive change. Virtual makeup masterclasses from reputable brands have started arriving in our inboxes, and there’s no doubt our favourite designers will follow suit.

What does that mean for your everyday wardrobe, though? It could mean more investment in long-lasting, stylish pieces that’ll still look fashionable come another season. Practical pieces are taking precedence, but there’s always room for that knockout dress (saved for the best of Zoom parties and dreaming of glamorous events out). Additionally, while in lockdown many of us have been reflecting on, and fighting for, social, political, and environmental causes, which can lead to a rise in statement t-shirts and impact the very brands we choose to purchase from.


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