Perfect Brows

Brow expert and cosmetic tattooist at Luxe Cosmetic Tattooing, Danielle Kurukchi, helps to get your brows on point

It’s no surprise that in recent years, the focus on our brows has increased and become an integral part of our makeup game.
But why has this happened? I think women (and even men) are becoming more educated about the importance of our eyebrows and how they create balance and proportion to our face.
With the rise of social media and hashtags like #browsonpoint, #browsonfleek and the influx of brow bars/salons popping up people are becoming aware of their own brows and realising how much of a difference beautifully shaped brows really do make.

Shaping Your Brows–the choice is yours!

There are a few key ways to shape your brows, which have evolved onto the market over the last few years. Four in particular include the age old plucking and waxing,but more recently we’ve seen the rise of threading and electronic hair removal.
However, it really is a personal preference as to how you choose to shape your brows. As a Brow Specialist and Cosmetic Tattooist I personally love waxing/plucking as it gives you that beautiful, clean finish.
When tattooing a client’s brows at Luxe Cosmetic Tattooing here in Sydney, we simply shape by using a razor (we do not pluck or wax in a tattooing appointment) as well as trimming.
Threading is a great alternative especially for sensitive skin or for those who are on different medications that thin the skin. It can however be quite painful and has to be performed by a skilled threader who can remove the hair completely rather than snapping it off.

How to choose the right brow shape for you…

At Luxe, we always measure the brows by holding our calipers (you can do this at home using a brow pencil or brow brush with a little brow powder on the end to mark) vertically at the middle of each nostril and marking where the brows should begin. We then mark from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye to mark where the brow should end.
To find where the arch or highest point of the brow should be we mark from the outside of the iris. We then use our unique string method (thread marked with pigment) to map out both brows to have them as symmetrical as possible.

Brow maintenance–it’s a thing!

Just like the hair on our head, your eyebrows also deserve your TLC!
Keep your regular salon appointment with your brow specialist and if you do not know what you are doing, do not attempt to shape them yourself at home as you can easily ruin the shape.
Brush your brows into place daily-if you do not have your brows tattooed apply some powder, pomade or use a pencil to fill and define, and apply a brow gel to keep them looking neat and tidy all day!

Celebrity Brow Game On Point

At the moment, the Hollywood celebrities that have the brows that I think every woman would lust after are: Kaia Gerber, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga
They each have a thicker, more natural brow that haven’t been thinned too much. This fuller brow offers a softer, timeless look for the face.
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