5 Ways To Rejuvenate Dull Locks After Winter

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Lack of motivation, the temptation of staying in, and not being as social as usual has held us away from having fabulous hair. Let’s face it, hair is easy to neglect, especially throughout the winter months (and especially throughout lock-down). We have been simply twirling our unwashed locks up in a topknot or throwing it back in a messy pony and calling it “chic”. All the while we know a little self-care for our hair can do our mental health wonders, it’s important to feel amazing inside as well as out. Now Spring is here, no one wants to be caught with boring and dull winter hair that puts us in a bad mood, Epic Hair Designs is here to help. It’s time to rejuvenate winter locks and revamp your tresses for the warmer (and hopefully more social) months ahead!


Here Are 5 Ways To Rejuvenate Sad Winter Hair:

1. Treatments To Rejuvenate

Treatments are a wonderful way to rejuvenate lack luster locks. And at Epic Hair Designs we have an array to choose from to help tackle your most critical hair care needs. Our most popular treatment is our Kerastase Fusio-Dose which is 100% customizable and hand-picked by your stylist after carefully diagnosing your hair. The Kerastase Fusio-Dose immediately transforms hair with its custom blends of concentrated care formulas and powerful active ingredients, available in 20 combinations for a custom-designed treatment. Second to Fusio-Dose is the cult classic Olaplex. Olaplex works differently to Fusio-Dose, Olaplex is made up of a patented formula that seeks out broken bonds in your hairs structure and re-bonds them meaning your hair is stronger and subject to less breakage. Both treatments can be stand-alone services or added to any cut, colour, or styling service.

2. Lop Of Those Dead Locks

While treatments rejuvenate hair strands and even rebuild broken bonds, when it comes to treating split ends there is only one option… it’s time for a cut! And just to clarify,cutting your hair more frequently, does not mean your hair will grow faster. The ends of your hair don’t affect the follicles in your scalp,which determine how fast and how much your hair grows. Trimming simply keeps hair healthier as it grows. In conclusion, your split ends are not coming back to life so lop them off and focus on keeping your hair as healthy as possible with the right home care your stylist can prescribe for you. It’s an incredible transformation of how much a simple cut can refresh and even make hair feel thicker and more lustrous.

3. A Fresh Toner To Combat Brassiness

So many of us have highlighted hair, which comes with the responsibility of upkeep which may have gone wayward throughout the last few months. Think of a Toner as a mini-restoration for the hair, it’s not going to completely alter the colour, but it helps to manipulate the shade of your naturally blonde or artificially highlighted locks. Toners work by neutralising unwanted warm or brassy tones to help achieve a shinier, healthier, and more natural-looking shade. Epic Hair Designs stylist recommends an Express Toning Service for highlighted hair after 6 weeks. This is a popular service for Balayage clients, those who have a highlighted and naturally grown look.

4. A Gloss To Add Some Shine

If you enjoy the natural colour of your hair, or in the process of growing your hair and avoiding highlighting, a Gloss Service is a great option for you. Much like how lip gloss over cracked lips adds an amazing sheen and luster, A hair gloss works the same, adding shine, hydration, and luster to the hair. A Gloss Service is perfect for literally any type of hair including natural, highlighted, or coloured. For a little extra something, add a blow-dry to finish the look, you will feel like a new person!

5. Choose The Right Take Home Product

Take home hair products are the ideal supplement to assist in the upkeep of your fresh new hair. What to pick? That is where your stylist will personally prescribe that correct product to suit you. Classic all-round favourites include Olaplex Take Home #3 which helps to build hair bonds from the inside thus improving hair texture look and feel on the outside. We also can’t go past our Goldwell Soft Colour Mousse Range which are semi-permanent mousse hair treatments that can be applied at home, left on for 5-15 mins and yield a beautiful freshen up to coloured hair. We are also loving the NEW Kérastase Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum which has just landed in all 15 Brisbane salons and our new Hope Island Gold Coast salon. This new product is an overnight leave-in serum that gives 8 hours of nourishment and even has an evolving fragrance to promote relaxed sleep and be energised in the morning.
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