Why surfing is great for women of any age

According to the latest data from the Australian Sports Commission surfing became the fastest growing sport for Australian women. When you think about it, it’s not that surprising after everything we’ve all been through over the last couple of years. With social distancing and the associated mental challenges, surfing has proven to be a great antidote to these.

So if you are a middle-aged female and haven’t tried surfing yet, here are four reasons why you need to give it a go:

Improved physical and mental health: The physical part can be quite obvious, in the end surfing is a sport that will help increase your fitness levels, flexibility and strength. But surfing can also positively impact your mental health by acting as a stress reliever and helping to lower anxiety levels. And let’s not forget that the ocean and saltwater are known for being a natural way to cure many problems, from skin issues to migraines or inflammation and muscle pain.

Getting outdoors and reconnecting with nature: Nowadays our dependence on technology, busy schedules and frantic lifestyles often lead to us not spending enough time outdoors. Surfing offers you the chance to take a moment to reconnect with nature, breathe in the fresh air, feel the sand between your toes and disconnecting from the digital world for a couple of hours at a time.

Mindfulness: Surfing is one of those activities that forces you to be in the present moment. When you’re doing any activity in the ocean you need to be present and focused to keep yourself safe, and surfing is no different. To get yourself in the right position, stand up, ride the wave, and keep your balance takes focus and requires you to be in the present. In these moments you forget about any problems at work or issues at home, because it’s only you, the ocean and the waves.

Creates a feeling of community: Although surfing is a sport to practice individually, the sense of community amongst surfers is one of the strongest. Surf meet-ups, familiar faces in the line-up, and like-minded individuals all meet through a common passion. There is something special in the surfing community that only surfers know.

There are many more reasons why you should take up surfing, but we recommend you try and see for yourself. If you’ve never been on a board before we encourage you to take surf lessons to make sure you learn the right way. Companies like Surf Getaways, an Australian owned surf travel and learn to surf company run by women for women, are a great place to start your surfing journey in a safe and supportive environment. With options including local learn to surf clinics for women, and luxury travel surf tours around the world, there is a suitable experience for everyone.


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