Valentine’s Day guide for singles

This ‘love month’, Ideal Introductions Matchmaker and Get it’s resident Love Guru, Linda Prescott, shares four tips on how to celebrate Valentines as a single person

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you know your social media timeline will be flooded with romantic posts. You’re happy for others, though, at the same time, you are tired of the whole thing, because it’s an entire day focused on people who have partners. Well, what about you? Now, here’s the thing: to be in love wit someone, you do need to love yourself too. Only by accepting yourself and being happy within yourself can you truly be happy in life in general. So, don’t stress about what you might see on your social feed, instead focus on the most important person in your life – you. 

#1 Claim Your “Me Time”

Remember, this is about celebrating you. And one of the perks of being single is that you own your time. Yay! You’re not sharing a social calendar, so use this opportunity to do what you want. It can be anything – enjoying a relaxing massage, watching that movie you’ve been wanting to, finally buying that handbag you’ve had your eyes on, taking in a soothing walk along the beach or even hibernating at home! Point is, no one can tell you what you can or cannot do, because you have full control. You’re in the driver’s seat. Whatever you choose to do, it’s all about you.

#2 Spoil Yourself

Because you are totally worth it. If you’ve been busy with work, or just really never had the time to stop and breathe, you need to do this. Get out of the city and drive up to a mountain spa and really treat yourself. About a 90-minute drive from the Gold Coast, is Stephanies Mountain Spa. It’s located within a hotel and vineyard in Clear Mountain, set amidst breathtaking bush land in landscapes perfect for your solo spa escape. Try the la Vie elixir ritual treatment, which involves a rose petal foot immersion, a rhythmical body brushing followed by body exfoliation and more. Alternatively, Getaway Day Spa up in Tamborine Mountain offers a Hanakasumi treatment. It’s a 75-minute relaxing and nourishing body ritual inspired from Japanese tradition, where the body is exfoliated with a cherry blossom and rice powder gommage. You’re welcome!

#3 Build Yourself

We all have different ways of building ourselves up. Some people like fitness, some like creative hobbies, some love the outdoors and others might like performing arts. I like telling our clients at Ideal Introductions that whatever it is, do something that can build you up, whether physically or mentally. If you like, there are plenty of yoga retreats that can work your body and soothe your mind. For example, Shanti Yoga offers a program on a 70-acre retreat sanctuary in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Retreat life is slow and easy and is perfect for you to take a step back from life’s daily pressures. Enjoy some quiet time to reflect, reconnect with peace and regain your focus. And if you’re up for it, socialise with other like-minded retreat guests. Sometimes new people bring new perspectives and ideas that can be beneficial for you.

#4 Spend Time with People You Actually Like

Look, not everyone likes to go out on V-Day. Because honestly, it can get pretty crazy. With fully booked restaurants and packed shops, wouldn’t you rather just chill? Let’s face it, even couples sometimes escape the busy restaurants. So why not round up some of your favourite humans and enjoy the company? Bring out the wine, dish out the charcuterie board and play some awesome tunes at home with people you actually like. Or you can even hire a private chef to cook while you enjoy wonderful conversations and stories. Don’t feel like cooking? Try Airtasker, a community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, so you can connect with friends and family over delicious food.

No matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, just don’t forget that it’s just one day. Love should be celebrated every day. And you should always celebrate you.

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