Who runs the world? You do!

Our sense of self-worth and self-esteem are intrinsically aligned with how we feel the world sees us and perceives us. Paradoxically, it is imperative, that in order to feel grounded, strong, content and at peace with ourselves, we have to fundamentally ‘like’ who we are. 

A little confusing right? We need external validation combined with a dose of self-love. So how do you achieve this balance in everyday life? 

In order to feel on top of the world and know that you can achieve your goals, you have to ‘believe’ in yourself – you have to learn to back yourself, each tiny step of your journey, from concept, to planning to execution – and stay focused. It is encumbered upon ourselves to reach the heights of our best life.  We need to empower our belief system and surround ourselves with others that are like minded – powerful, strong and with that all important attitude of ‘I got this’.  

Let’s consider Beyonce’s song, in 2011, ‘Who run the World’ – the song’s development was motivated by Beyoncé wanting to do something different: a mixture of different cultures and eras, a new sound, and a message which would give women strength. ‘Ruling the world’, is becoming the master of your world, which sits amidst the greater world and what can be your best life through your energy. 

True power comes from smart choices – removing white noise and negative narratives from your circle, finding support with your tribe and immersing yourself in a ‘can do’ approach and attitude. Do you need motivation? Be honest with yourself and ask: 


Do I want a better tomorrow? 

If your answer is yes – then make choices that support your journey. 

Go girl! You got this and be loud and proud about being the best version of yourself! 


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