Australia’s top workouts revealed

There is no doubt we are spoilt for choice when it comes to workouts in Australia. There are so many concepts, from strength training to bungee fitness to aerial yoga.

“The thing about fitness is that there are so many ways to train, and unless you are training with a specific goal in mind or with a particular injury, any type of workout will be beneficial in one way or another,” says Ben Lucas, celebrity trainer and founder of Flow Athletic.

‘The key is to choose something that you enjoy, or a community that you enjoy, because if you see your workout as fun, you are more likely to stick with it. Additionally, make sure it is convenient. If you are not near a fitness studio, try an online workout.”

Here are some of the top workouts trending in Australia right now.

Hybrid training

There are so many benefits to this type of workout, from not getting bored, to the benefits of both working on your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.

Studies show that strength training can help rev your metabolism for up to 38 hours post workout which means you can keep losing weight long after your session is done, whereas an indoor cycle class is great for helping you sweat up a storm and work on your overall cardiovascular fitness.


BFT is one workout that is taking the world by storm. Created and founded by Cameron Falloon, a former strength and conditioning coach for international soccer teams and AFL teams, BFT workouts are backed by science and get some serious results. Join a BFT and you will not only experience life-changing results, but be welcomed into an irresistible community and fitness family.

BFT workouts are programmed into 8-9 week progression blocks, so members can work at and improve specific skills. Each block cycles through 13 workout styles, covering strength, cardio, balance and more (even a bit of boxing)! After each training block, the focus and mode of each workout will change to avoid a plateau or burnout.

UBX (pronounced “you-box”)
Boxing with a Difference

UBX started with one aim in mind: to give everyone the opportunity to train like a boxer. Their success came from their ability to rethink boxing and rethink group training in a way that gives members access to a unique mix of boxing and strength training in an ultra-flexible format that removes class timetables and bookings altogether.

Their training methodology was inspired by Co-founder, and four-time world champion boxer, Danny Green, who uses a combination of boxing skills and drills, high impact, explosive training and functional strength to stay at his peak. Workout consists of 12 rounds of boxing and strength training. Six of the rounds include boxing exercises, whether that’s bagwork or one-on-one padwork with a coach. The other six rounds include a combination of functional strength, cardio and conditioning movements.

During a workout, you get one-on-one time with the coaches to work on form, technique and do pad-work. UBX use thousands of exercises in unlimited combinations to provide a new workout everyday.

Connected fitness

There is no doubt that the connected fitness market becomes more popular every year and there is an Australian brand at the forefront of the trend.

Vitruvian is one of the most innovative pieces of tech the world has ever seen when it comes to connected fitness. It acts as an entire home gym in the form of a slim, carbon fibre platform that can easily slide under a bed. Not only does it track every workout via the app to ensure users can keep progressing, but it also has the capability for the user lift up to 200KG.

Vitruvian is powered by AI algorithms that constantly respond to how you move. The patented technology includes the Vitruvian app which gives users access to 200+ exercises, classes curated by elite fitness couches, goal- oriented programs, data tracking and performance insights. Last year they placed first in the AFR’s Most Innovative Companies for manufacturing and consumer goods.

Therapy Fitness

Therapy Fitness is an innovative new concept that has just launched on the Gold Coast which is co-founded by international fitness expert Emma Masters.

While they have many innovative classes, one of the favourites is Connect which combines a Pilates-fusion class while stripping the stresses of your day away in an infrared heated studio. Here you will meet yourself on the mat while candlelight flickers and bodies move in unison. Expect light weight resistance and cardio bursts married with deep stretching and mindfulness.

Therapy Fitness is the first tri-concept fitness boutique on the Gold Coast which features three fully immersive studios under one roof! Each workout is designed with a specific mood in mind so members are encouraged to choose their workout based on how they feel that day.


Samsara is a beautiful day-spa style space on the Gold Coast which is all about individualisation and personalisation. While they do offer classes and have infrared saunas, their key focus is on personalised programs.

As such, every new member receives personalised programming which is reviewed every six weeks to allow for life’s changes – as life and our bodies are constantly changing, it is so important to ensure the direction of the programming does too.

Samsara’s ethos is a product of founder Belinda’s thoughtful approach to both the body and mind connection – exercise and weight loss – as well as her own personal discovery of how our past stories and emotions create the body and health we have today.

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