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For thousands of years, the most potent, precious and powerful secret to youthful healthy skin has been hiding within the tiny leaves of mānuka trees exclusive to the East Cape rural region of New Zealand. While mānuka trees are native to both Australia and New Zealand, the East Cape mānuka trees hold a distinctive secret produced by Mother Nature and backed by science; a unique chemical identity called Triketone. Analysis of oils from 261 individual mānuka trees collected from 87 sites throughout New Zealand showed that the high triketone chemotype was localised to the East Cape region of New Zealand. The mānuka oil from the East Cape region boasts between 20% – 40% triketones, while mānuka oil from other parts of New Zealand reflects less than 5% triketones. Mānuka trees that grow in Australia have a completely different chemical profile and contain no triketones at all.

Triketone-rich mānuka oils carry the greatest antibacterial activity and have been proven by science to have the most profound impact on the skin from antibacterial and antioxidant benefits to supporting inflammation, skin healing and cell turnover. Triketones, and their astonishingly high levels exclusive to the East Cape region of New Zealand, are responsible for making the most precious, potent and powerful multi-purpose skincare ingredient.

Sustainable, conscious and restorative New Zealand skincare brand, ManukaRx, is set to revolutionise our skincare regimes with their science-backed formulations that harness the powerhouse potency of triketone-rich mānuka oil that is proven to have the most profound youthfully restorative impact on skin. Their hero range, the Pro-Aging collection, accounts for 80% of sales, has over 1,800 5-star reviews and has won multiple awards. However, the most impressive evidence of the effectiveness of the Pro-Aging range remains to be the mind-blowing science and statistics obtained through more than 1,000 internationally peer-reviewed studies on East Cape mānuka oil coupled with in-house research conducted by ManukaRx’s own doctor and research and development team.

As reported by Dr. Suki Harding, Head of Science and Research at ManukaRx, East Cape mānuka oil is 30 times more powerful than Australian tea tree oil and 1,000 times more powerful than mānuka honey in eliminating skin bacteria that cause acne and other infections. Triketone-rich mānuka oil works synergistically with other skincare ingredients to increase their effectiveness and strength and East Cape mānuka oil combined with rosehip oil in the ManukaRx Pro-Aging range produces 6 times more Type 1 collagen than Vitamin C and almost 3 times more Type 3 collagen than Vitamin C. The Pro-Aging range is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and is scientifically proven to boost collagen and elasticity, while minimising fine lines and promoting youthfully restored and rejuvenated skin.

From seed to skin, ManukaRx is involved in every step of the creation process for their revolutionary skincare range, including helping to plant 5,000,000 mānuka trees on the East Cape of New Zealand. The 180 hectares of mānuka plantations utilised by ManukaRx are run in conjunction with local iwi (Māori community) who are paid for the rights to use the land and also have a share of the profits. The sustainably produced mānuka oil supports the local economy and provides employment, fair land use and environmental regeneration through native mānuka planting that supports the health of the soil and land for years to come.

The Pro-Aging collection by ManukaRx includes a Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant, a Cream Cleanser, a Mist Toner, a magic in a bottle Skin Oil, an award-winning Eye Cream, a lightweight Day Cream and a rich Night Cream.

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