5 signs of a dead-end job

Just like any relationship your career goes through phases so this month, Karen Gately, founder of Corporate Dojo and author of The People Manager’s Toolkit, takes us through the 5 signs of a dead-end job

All too often I observe people plodding along, barely surviving the challenges of working for a business or in a job they don’t enjoy. Reflect on when your work has drained your spirit and undermined your ability to thrive in life. When have you worked in an environment or done a job that caused you to be unhappy both at work and at home? Doing what you love and working with people you trust is unquestionably important to enabling you to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Contemplate this for a moment: how driven are you really to create a rewarding and fulfilling work life? Only you can take the steps that will ensure you love your job and don’t mind turning up, regardless of what day of the week it is. Are you striving to get ahead or are you simply accepting an ordinary standard of work experience? You know it’s time to move on from a dead end job when:

Doing what you LOVE and working with people you TRUST is unquestionably important to enabling you to live a HAPPY and FULFILLED life.

1.You struggle to get out of bed every day

If your first thought when you wake up each day is ‘oh no I have to go to work’, chances are you need to leave. It’s normal and to be expected that we will have days when we really can’t be bothered going to work, but when the mental battle to get going becomes part of your daily routine it’s a clear sign things need to change.

2. Opportunity is lacking

We are all likely to experience times when we are eager to take the next step in our work life but are held back by circumstances. You know it’s time to move on when there is little to no hope of your dreams being realised working where you are. Be patient but also recognise when there is no point waiting for opportunities that are unlikely to arise.

3. Promises are constantly broken

Even the best of leaders are capable of making promises and then failing to follow through. However, when it becomes typical that promises are made and broken you know it’s time to find an employer you can trust to do what they say they will.

4. Your boss is self absorbed

Choose to work for people who respect you and your career aspirations. Move on when you realise your employer is too self absorbed to understand and invest in you. Be realistic about what you expect but also recognise when you are working for someone incapable of thinking beyond their own needs and wants.

5. Your potential isn’t being realised

If all you are capable of doing isn’t recognised, and your boss fails to give you the opportunity to learn or contribute, it’s probably time to move on. If you truly believe you have what it takes and yet you are constantly passed over for opportunities, look for an employer who can see your potential.

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