How to stop falling for bad boys

We’ve all been guilty of falling for the charms of a ‘bad boy’ so this month Get it’s resident love expert Linda Prescott from Ideal Introductions tells us how to break this bad habit

When it comes to love, we’ve all crashed and burned; after all, it involves matters of the heart. And it is so easy to follow it and leave our rational thinking behind. Remember that guy who was so sweet and exciting but ended up being a fake romantic? Yes, I know all about it. Guys who seem really nice and fun can sometimes be the perfect jerk. So, what can you do to weed out the bad boys? After 25 years of being a relationship and dating expert, I have seen all types of douchebags so here are my 10 dating rules to stop meeting Mr. Wrong.

Don’t date people who expect you to change

While being able to compromise is a great quality to have, men who generally wish to ‘change’ you for the ‘better’ should be number one on your ‘to avoid’ list.

Don’t date a guy who needs to be fixed Is he all about himself?

Is he a major commitment-phobe? Don’t try to fix him. Chances are he won’t change, and you’ll end up breaking your own heart. You’re better off dating someone who at least shares similar life goals.

Don’t date people that your friends hate

No, your friends are not jealous of you. Not always, but often times our friends and family can be a good judge of character. They can give a less biased perspective to a relationship that we are too invested in. So, if your family and friends hate the new guy, time for a rethink.

Don’t date him if he seems too familiar

Is he just like your ex? Are familiar issues starting to crop up? That means you might be dating your ex 2.0. My advice? Get out while you can!

Try dating a non-douchebag

Now this is when an expert can come in handy. A professional matchmaker can help you explore candidates that truly fit your personality. Initially clients think the men they meet are not their type because they are so used to a particular type. But after a few dates, they realise that we’ve matched them well.

Truly believe that you are worth it

Just because a douchebag made you feel any less, doesn’t mean that you are. It’s time to work on your confidence and self-worth. Never believe things like “You’ll never find someone who will love you,” or “Who will want you once I leave you?” Remember, somewhere out there, there is someone looking for love just like you.

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