How Moments Condoms are empowering women

Did you know that 68% of women say they are not completely comfortable buying condoms? Moments Condoms believe that women should feel confident purchasing condoms and have no hesitation when deciding to make the good times, safe times and they are on a mission to make this a reality for women everywhere.

Moments Condoms aren’t just a product brand, they are here to educate and make a difference to the world of sexual health and specifically to empower women. Most condoms we see on the market are targeted at men (which makes sense). But Moments want women to feel comfortable purchasing condoms for themselves. They want them to be proud to be sexual beings and to be safe while doing it.

For Moments, women empowerment is specifically important to them. They do this by sharing stories, creating content that is here to bring joy and break the mould and taboo around women and sex, while also educating women to feel more inspired. Some of that content is in collaboration with companies or individuals who share the same values and are passionate about the health and wellbeing of women like health and wellness coach, Andi Lew.

Andi Lew began the #IAMSAFE movement with Moments Condoms which spreads awareness on the importance of safe sex and how women can take control of their sex lives for a better quality of life. It aims to remove the stigma around women buying and suggesting the use of protection.

How often are women taking the OCP (oral contraceptive pill) and not realising the effect or impact on their fertility and overall health? What about the morning after pill? Too often, women have not been the ones to carry protection and so in the heat of the moment, if the man doesn’t have it, she will risk it. This is normal social culture and Andi and Moments want to change the perception around it.

In the #IAMSAFE campaign, Andi cast a group of empowered women and men from all backgrounds and ages to take charge of their health and decisions around intimacy and are joining her in a moments movement to make it normal to use protection like condoms because it’s drug-free and that’s what Andi is all about!

Overall, Moments condoms want women to not feel embarrassed or ashamed about their sex life. To take control over their own sexual health and not feel pressured to go without a condom. With unexpected pregnancies and STIs occurring regularly, they want to ensure all women feel safe and empowered to speak out when they don’t feel comfortable. They want women to feel empowered about sex, to have fun with it but also be mindful that actions do lead to an outcome (whether good or bad). In addition to that, they also want men to be held accountable and to also take charge of their sexual health, to understand the implications, and to always empower men and women everywhere to feel comfortable.


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