Set your intentions with Pilates & Co.

Every new beginning starts with intention.

Setting your intention is a commitment. It may be an end result, a milestone or a goal. It allows you to create space to enjoy the journey and be present as you move through towards realising your intention.

When it comes to Nutrition and eating smarter, there are many factors that make “food” harder than the exercise to implement as a new routine however the key here is preparation. When you plan and prepare you are much less likely to reach for those treat items. Pre and post workout food can play a critical role for your workout routine. Fuelling prior to have the energy to perform, followed by nourishing and replenishing the body post workout will set you apart if you master this component. Post workout is truly the most optimal time for nutrition to allow you to maximise your energy balances and weight management.

Here are some key supporting lifestyle factors:

1. Sleep

It seems so simple, but for many it is not. Sleep is where your body recovers, processes, and delivers many nutrients to the cellular level. Consistency in the time you go to bed and sleep is more important than the total hours slept. In saying that, a concerted effort at getting 8 hours sleep daily is certainly a great plan. Your body and the circadian rhythm it follows does things in sequence so sleeping earlier in the evening rather than sleeping in later in the mornings is a better general rule.

2. Alcohol

Refreshing, stress relieving, rewarding are words I could describe for having or not having a drink in your nutrition plan. Nothing needs to be forever, it’s more a change for now and monitor the effects positive or otherwise to your system. If nothing else, avoiding alcohol consumption will enhance point 1 above. Your sleep quality and that all important regeneration of muscles, cells and overall connectedness in body & mind.

3. Reflection

Stop, stand, study. Learning to pause, breathe and look inward will put you in good stead daily and weekly. If something has gone amiss or could be done better, then the sooner you pick this up and find a new path or just get back on the bandwagon the better. Be critical but don’t beat yourself up. You have an intention, you are trying your best, but can you do better?

4.  Find something that makes you happy

The best way to stick to your fitness plan is to find something you enjoy doing, that brings a smile to your face. That’s why we love reformer Pilates – it’s a challenge and it’s always interesting. We offer different types of classes to cater for all needs from reformer beginner to intermediate, reformer strength, reformer HIIT, reformer FIT along with small group Pilates and private sessions.

Every journey will have ups and downs. Make the best choices with what is in front of you.

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