Sustainability & Savings: The Planet (and Wallet!) Friendly Choices You Can Make Today

They say two heads are better than one, and for twin brothers (and GC locals) Brodie and Roger Cook, it’s been the magic number when it came to launching their own sustainable laundry-sheet company, Lucent Globe. In search of some practical tips to live and shop sustainably, we spoke to Brodie & Roger to get the lowdown on saving money and making sustainable choices at home.

Can sustainability and saving money go hand-in-hand?  

Brodie: Cost saving doesn’t have to be a sacrifice for people looking to make environmentally friendly, sustainable choices in their everyday lives. We’ve proven first-hand that innovation and modern technology can be used to deliver products to market that are both sustainable, affordable, and perhaps most importantly without sacrificing quality. 

What are some common day-to-day areas where we can all make sustainable adjustments to our choices? 

Roger: Single plastics are still dominating Australian households — from cling film to plastic-covered fruits and vegetables and even dishwashing detergent packs. We recommend making the switch to biodegradable, zero-waste products. 

Can you bust a few myths about sustainability for us?  

Brodie: You don’t need to compromise to make sustainable choices! Sustainable products that are good for the environment are often seen as sub-par alternatives, but you can get the same result and in some cases a better result.  

Roger: Understanding the difference between biodegradable, zero-waste and recycled products is really important. Biodegradable means a product can be completely broken down by organic matter — meaning it’s zero-waste — while recyclable means it goes back into a manufacturing system to create a new product. Just because it’s recyclable, doesn’t mean it’s not harmful to the planet – so seek out biodegradable, zero-waste alternatives. 

What are your favourite “sustainability hacks”? 

Roger: Using reusable shopping bags is a great way to be sustainable and save a bit of money!  

Brodie: It may sound obvious, but walking is a great way to help the environment and avoid unnecessary car emissions, and it also reduces the need to pay for fuel.  

Where should we save vs splurge?  

Roger: Save on household single-use items by choosing biodegradable, zero-waste options that aren’t cost-prohibitive and splurge on those reusable items that you will need to use time and time again, such as titanium drink bottles or even an electric vehicle.  


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