Your yay and neighs guide to raceday

Ladies, to help you rein in the best time of the year with your girls, Get it’s Kirsty and Jessica have created your ultimate guide for this spring racing season!

DO: be fabulous!

Raceday is your chance to show off — check out our fashion pages for the perfect outfit. Remember, being overdressed isn’t a thing when it comes to racing season!

DON’T: wear uncomfortable clothes or new shoes

You will be on your feet the whole day, so aim for comfort over looks; bonus points if you can achieve both. Your outfit needs to be practical and fabulous enough to still be comfortable after a long day.

DO: keep an eye on the weather

Dress for the occasion; if it’s a windy day, don’t wear something short and flowy, or you’ll spend the whole day holding your dress down and risking potential embarrassment! Pins for the hat or fascinator are a necessity.

DON’T: ditch the ladies!

Don’t be that friend who runs off as soon as you arrive! The day is better spent when you are all having fun TOGETHER.

DO: keep hydrated

If you are going to pass out from anything, it should be from the big winner you just picked! Make sure you are always drinking water.

DO: leave that little black dress at home

COLOURS, COLOURS, COLOURS. Colours are key when it comes to the races. Use colour to express yourself in every way possible.

DO: watch out for the sun

Statement sunglasses are a must but remember your sunscreen is also cool! Even if the weather is cloudy, the sun and UV will still be high! Your SPF 30+ foundation is a good start.

DO: wear a hat or a fascinator

To create the ultimate raceday look choose something that compliments your features and your outfit but will not drive you crazy on the day, especially if the wind is not your friend.


  1. Makeup —blotting paper, lipstick.
  2. Hand sanitiser — for all the money, bets and hors d’oeuvres you’ll be handling.
  3. Sunblock — remember to stay safe in the sun and touch up.
  4. Portable phone charger — to recharge your battery after all of the photos you’ll be taking.
  5. Spare cash — skip the ATM queue by bringing along some cash for your bets or your taxi home.
  6. Band-aids —keep a Band-Aid in your purse for when your heels win the war against your feet.
  7. A snack — you’re going to be hungry but keep it small. Maybe a muesli bar for a boost of energy.
  8. Safety pins and bobby pins — hair and dress emergency essentials.
  9. Travel perfume — to freshen up, keep some mini deodorant or perfume handy.

So, ladies stop horsing around and start looking for your perfect raceday outfit!

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